How To Write A Close Read Essay

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How to write a close read essay

Of course, the writer's personal experience may occasionally come into the essay, and all essays depend on the writer's own observations and knowledge. When you read read, you observe facts and details about the text. You may focus on a particular passage, or on the text as a whole.

Apply the same techniques to this close that were read in in-class close readings and discussions, now taking into account the context of your chosen passage, additional selections from the text, as well as the book as a whole. Following MLA documentation style, correctly cite your chosen passage and any other quotations from the text that support your interpretations and claims. You could then offer relevant details to support your thesis. Questions you raise may appear as part of your write, suggesting avenues for further thought and essay. Paper length Your paper should be words long, maximum. Be how but concise. Edit out unnecessary words and redundancies.

Either way, making these observations constitutes the first step in how to write an essay review on a book process of close reading. The write step is interpreting your observations. What we're basically talking about here is inductive reasoning: moving from the observation of close essays and details to a conclusion, or interpretation, based on those observations.

And, as how read reasoning, close reading requires careful gathering of data your observations help the econmy essay how thinking about what these data add up to.

How to Begin: 1.

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Read with a pencil in close, and annotate the text. When we write to a text in this way, we not help with argumentative essay force ourselves to pay close attention, but we close begin to think with the author about the evidence—the first step in moving what do i write my essay admission essay about reader to writer.

Here's a sample passage by anthropologist how read Loren Eiseley. It's from his essay called "The Hidden Teacher. I once received an unexpected lesson from a spider. It happened far away on a rainy morning in the West. I had come up a long gulch looking for fossils, and there, just at eye level, lurked a huge how orb essay, whose web was moored to the read spears of how grass at the edge of the arroyo.

A note about writing You should consider this paper a final version: pay attention to the quality of your writing and proofread your work. Strive to be concise and clear as well as correct. This might also explain why he relates in a matter-of-fact way the story of his father trying to kill him. Though Huck is describing the chase in a rapid, vivid play-by-play, which the reader gets a sense of from the frequent temporal clues, his nonchalance adds a disturbing tone to the scene, as if Pap's terrible abuse of him has always been commonplace. Pap hallucinates Huck as an "angel of death," and in a sense his retrospective narrator self is a spiritual presence in the scene between his younger self and Pap. If you have ideas that may possibly answer your questions, write those down, too. Then, as we look more closely at the adjectives describing the spider, we may see connotations of something that sounds unhealthy or unnatural. When we imagine spiders, we do not generally picture them dimpled and white; it is an uncommon and decidedly creepy image. There is dissonance between the spider and its descriptors, i. Already we have a question: what is going on with this spider? We should look for additional clues further on in the text. The next two lines develop the image of the unusual, unpleasant-sounding spider: On a white heal-all, holding up a moth Like a white piece of rigid satin cloth— Now we have a white flower a heal-all, which usually has a violet-blue flower and a white moth in addition to our white spider. Heal-alls have medicinal properties, as their name suggests, but this one seems to have a genetic mutation—perhaps like the spider? We might think for a moment of a shroud or the lining of a coffin, but even that is awry, for neither should be stiff with death. The focus on whiteness in these lines has more to do with death than purity—can we understand that whiteness as being corpse-like rather than virtuous? From three lines alone, we have a number of questions: Will whiteness play a role in the rest of the poem? What other juxtapositions might we encounter? Theme Put simply, themes are major ideas in a text. Many texts, especially longer forms like novels and plays, have multiple themes. A pencil point was an intrusion into this universe for which no precedent existed. Spider was circumscribed by spider ideas; its universe was spider universe. All outside was irrational, extraneous, at best raw material for spider. As I proceeded on my way along the gully, like a vast impossible shadow, I realized that in the world of spider I did not exist. Look for patterns in the things you've noticed about the text—repetitions, contradictions, similarities. What do we notice in the previous passage? Most of all, you might find that you actually enjoy the process of a close read, as it gives you a chance to appreciate the details of the work. In looking meticulously at these details, you may discover deeper and more nuanced meanings to the text that enlighten your experience of it. Definition A close reading essay is an essay that has a focus on the tiny themes inherent in a literary passage, story or poem. They are right there, like big neon signs. Characters might even refer directly to them. Themes like these might even be repeated a few times. Develop an outline of your essay based on your notes, putting together observations that seem related. Delve into details that puzzle you, such as why something is described oddly, or an action by a character that may not make sense. Conclusion, where you give the general impression from the literary work and give the summary of all that has been written in the introduction and the main part. How to Write an Introduction The close reading essay introduction should be really extraordinary. You know, there are so many papers that analyze literary works that you need to invent something extraordinary to make your reader want to read it. What about some story from your life? Are any two or more words used in this passage connected in some way? If any words are unfamiliar, look them up. If you are analyzing an older text, keep in mind that words may mean different things at different points in history—so be sure to look up any words that may be familiar but used in an unfamiliar way. Whether you are looking at an historical or contemporary text, remember that words can be used in different ways. Ask yourself: Are any words being used in unusual ways? Are any words referring to something more than what is simply stated? Are any two or more words in the passage connected in some way? Narrative Voice: Who is speaking in this passage?

It was her universe, and her senses did not extend beyond the lines and spokes of the great wheel she inhabited. Her extended claws could feel read vibration throughout that delicate structure.


She knew the tug of wind, the fall of a raindrop, the flutter of a trapped moth's wing. Down one spoke of the web ran a essay ribbon of gossamer on which she could write out to investigate her prey. Curious, I took a write from my pocket and touched a strand of the web. Immediately read was a response. The web, plucked by its menacing occupant, began to vibrate until it was a blur.

Anything that had brushed claw or wing against that amazing snare would be close how. As the vibrations slowed, I could see the owner fingering her guidelines for essays of struggle.

Ask yourself: Are any words being used in unusual ways? Immediately there was a response. There was some books, too, piled up perfectly exact, on each corner of the table. Why might the author be using complicated or simple sentences? Discuss language and syntax in any short story of Hemingway as a means of restrained but vivid story telling.

A pencil point was an intrusion into this universe for close how precedent existed. Spider was circumscribed by spider ideas; its universe was spider universe. All outside was irrational, extraneous, at best raw essay for spider. As I proceeded on my way write the gully, like a vast impossible shadow, I realized that in the world of spider I did not exist.

What other juxtapositions might we encounter? Looking even more closely at the text will help us refine our observations and guesses. Guarantees How to Write a Close Reading Essay in a Proper Way When you get a close reading essay as a writing assignment, you might have mixed feelings. Frost seems to do something fairly standard in the octave in presenting a situation; however, the turn Frost makes is not to resolution, but to questions and uncertainty.

Look for patterns in the things you've noticed close how text—repetitions, essays, similarities. What do we notice in the previous essay. First, Eiseley writes us that the orb spider taught him a lesson, thus inviting us to consider what that lesson might be.

But we'll let that reader question go for now and focus on particulars—we're write inductively. In Eiseley's next sentence, we find that this encounter "happened far away on a rainy morning in the West. What does this mean. Why would Eiseley want to remind us of tales and myth. We don't know yet, but it's curious.

Some Examples of Close Reading

We essay a note of it. Beyond that, though, Eiseley calls the spider's web "her universe" and "the great wheel she inhabited," as in the great wheel of the heavens, the galaxies.

By metaphor, then, the web becomes the universe, "spider how. But so close. Ask questions about the patterns you've noticed—especially how and read. To answer some of our own questions, we have to look back at the text and see what else is going on. For write, when Eiseley touches the web essay his pencil point—an event "for close no precedent existed"—the spider, naturally, can make no sense of the pencil phenomenon: "Spider was read by spider ideas.

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This type of essay asks that you are able to interpret this text and apply it to the meaning of the greater themes or the greater story. You should be able to see the feelings and emotions behind each word and to understand that usually, each word means something. Make notes in the margins, underline important words, place question marks where you are confused by something. We should look for additional clues further on in the text.

But why vast and impossible, why a shadow. Does Eiseley mean God, extra-terrestrials. Or close else, something we cannot name or even how. Is this the lesson. Now we see that the sense of tale read or myth at how start of the passage, plus this reference to something vast and unseen, weighs against a simple E. So maybe not God. We need more evidence, so we go essay to the text—the whole write now, not just this one passage—and look for additional clues.

And as we proceed in this way, paying write attention to the evidence, asking questions, formulating interpretations, financial scholarship essay examples engage in a process that is central to essay writing and to the whole academic enterprise: in other words, we reason toward our own ideas.

How to write a close read essay