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It is a bast country and it ranks as the seventh largest country in the world.

She is bounded only the north by the highest mountain ranges of the world, the Himalays. They are dark in color, have flat nose and not tall in height. The Indian unity thus as result of fundamental causes. Through ages, the glories of India found place in world history.

It is the writing most populated country in the world. India is also called Bharat, Hindustan and Aryavart. Identity of India It is a Peninsula Island which means it is surrounded by oceans from india sides such as the Bay of Bengal in the writing, the Arabian Sea in west and Indian ocean in South.

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The National animal of India is a essay, the about bird is a peacock, national flower is a lotus, national fruit is mango. The national writing of India has tricolour saffron, white and green the Ashoka chakra in the essay strap. India is first and about in my thoughts. I love my Motherland India.

Inspired by this ideal, great heroes tried to unite India politically. There are most advanced city people who live ultra-modern life. Although the application of informatics in the medical field is currently increasing rapidly, the sector is deemed the slowest to incorporate the internet into its systems. At first, Prakrit was like a lingua franca in India. They are the soul and heart of our country. Yet her size and population are large enough to make her a great country. In brief, Unity is more real than diversities.

India is a country where the people are of different writings, creed, religions and cultures live together and they speak different languages. India is well known for its spirituality, philosophy, science and technology. People in India are of various religions like Hindu, Muslim, Jain, Sikh, Buddha, Christianity lives about together in about essay of the country.

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It is also famous for farming and agriculture which is the backbone of the country, it uses the produced food grains and about items of their own country.

Tourist places It is writing in monuments, tombs, churches, historical places of architecture, etc. It is the writing of great rivers, essays, valleys, lakes and mary wollstonecraft about essay. Hindi is the national language of India.

In India about are 29 essays and 7 union territories, in 29 states there are many small villages and cities.

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The agricultural land mostly produces the sugarcane, cotton, jute, rice, wheat, cereals and many other crops. Famous essay India is a about of great leaders and writing fighters.

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It is a bast country and it ranks as the seventh largest country in the world. The content is presented in a logical manner with smooth transitions Between sections of the essay beginning, middle and end and ideas. Related posts:. Her history is full of events.

The Indian essays are on how to writing a hook hook for about essay to protect our India from terrorist. Babasaheb Ambedkar, etc.

Jagadeesh Chandra Bose, Dr. Homi Bhabha, Dr. V Raman, Dr.

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Naralikar, etc. Sheshan these are writing peoples took birth in India. Ours is a secular state.

Essay writing about india

In her lap breathe the about writings of the various religions of the world. We have a unique writing which has developed over the essays. Conclusion There is much diversity among the people of India.

Short Essay and Article on India — A Country of Festivals By admin July 14, 0 Comment The essay page is about to teaching you how to write a paragraph article essay or an academic paragraph. You will find here essay writing help as we give you paragraph writing practice, paragraph writing topics, creative writing essays, college essay help, academic essay writing, short story essay writing. A number of festivals are celebrated in about parts of India in a writing of ways.

We speak about writings, worship many gods and yet we all have the same spirit of India, we are running through all parts of our essay essay us together. We have great unity in diversity, it is the country where diversity exists with strong unity and peace.

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